Need a Gas Mileage Calculator?
There's an App. for That!

Many of you seeking a good gas mileage calculator live on your mobile phones, or more accurately, your Apple iPhone. There are applications (or apps) for everything.

But did you know there's an iPhone app that helps you calculate and track your gas mileage? Did you know that there are several?

Car Care App

Car Care iPhone app

By far, the Car Care app is my favorite of all the gas mileage calculator iPhone apps, and has been recommended by and MacWorld, who rates the Car Care app at a 4.5 out of 5.

The Car Care App is equipped with a fully customizable interface that allows you to track:

  • fuel economy
  • cost of gas
  • car maintenance alerts and costs
  • by fuel grade
  • use for multiple vehicles

Another handy feature is the ability to use this app anywhere with ease. Whether you're in the US, UK, or Europe, you can switch between liters and gallons as well as miles, kilometers, and imperial miles. Of course, such a feature wouldn't be complete without the ability to choose between currency, and that's why this app has it. Track your expenses in dollars, euros, pounds, etc...

Car Care iPhone App in Action!

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Vehicle Log Book App

Vehicle Log Book App

Like the Car Care App, the Vehicle Log Book is designed to:

  • track your gas mileage and expenses
  • alert you to important car maintenance work

The difference here is the design of the app, as the graphics make it resemble a pretty little organizer.

Vehicle Log Book App Video
Don't adjust your sound. As far as I can tell, there isn't any.

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Fuel Calc App

This iPhone app caught my eye specifically because it's very simple to use. If you aren't interested in all the extra frills of maintenance alerts and tracking, and just want to deal with the bare bones of MPG tracking, then this app is for you. It tracks and calculates miles/gallon (kilometers/liter), and miles/dollar (or the currency of your choice). Like those above, the FuelCalc also allows you to track multiple vehicles.

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While this app, once known as TankPro, is much like the other fancy gas mileage calculators above, there was one thing about the FillPro that really grabbed our attention. Besides being designed by a German software engineer, this app syncs up with Google Docs. If you have a Google Docs account (like I do!), and use it to organize everything in your life (again, like me!), then you'll want to check this one out. It'll save you a lot of time on organizing your data.

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